Treatments and Remedies

On this page I will write about which treatments I’ve done, which medications I’ve used and anything else I’ve tried that’s helped with the ME.


Mindfulness really helped me deal with stressful situations and panic attacks as well as a whole load of other things that were ME/CFS related! You can read more about it in my ‘6 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You!’ post!


I use homeopathic medicine a lot, the main one being Calc. Carb which I take once every month and it basically helps me with my energy levels. I’ve taken this one for about 3 years now since I had glandular fever and definitely wouldn’t come off it. Another one I take is something called ARR which is a combination between 3 different homeopathic medicines. This one I don’t particularly take regularly but when I do it really helps. This one I take for muscle pain – I just take it now and again when I start to feel a bit stiff, or when I’ve done a heavy workout! They are the main two I use but there are so many more that I take now and again;


Calc Carb – energy levels
ARR – muscle pains
Nux Vomica –  tummy pains, bloatedness etc.,
Pulsatilla  – for that dreaded time of the month!
Nat Mur – helps me mainly with mouth ulcers when I’m stressed!
Gelsium – I take this when I feel like I’m coming down with a cold and it helps to prevent it/not last as long
Valerian – this one is probably my favourite because it helps me sleep at night!
Arnica – helps with bruising.

There are hundreds of different types of homeopathic medicine but these are just a few that I use. However, I do recommend that you go and see a qualified Homeopathic doctor because at least then they can give you medicine based on your individual needs, because not every medicine helps every person!

Prescribed Medicines

I have also been on Amitriptyline for 6 months, soon after I was diagnosed with ME but thankfully managed to come off that in Feb/March time! I would recommend if your pain is particularly bad but if you can get away with not using that’s probably better. Exercise was the main factor to why I could come off it. Now and again I do feel like I should be back on it and although I have had to take the occasional pill, I haven’t had to rely on it like I did before.

As I find/remember other things I’ve tried and used I will add them to this page!


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