Dear Diary || April ’17

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and written a blog post just because I’ve wanted to; obviously I’ve been working in my blog series with Jodie (you can read more here) but I haven’t really just sat and written about me, for me. So I decided to do a ‘Dear Diary’ type of post, which I hope I continue monthly as a sort of catch up with you. This will allow me to be completely honest and raw with you, letting you all know what’s been going on during the previous month, what I hope to achieve in the following month, what my goals and plans are, what I’m struggling with, and mostly, just how I’m doing in general. Continue reading


Long Time No Write!

So I know it has been literally months since I last wrote on this blog – my aim to write weekly kind of failed didn’t it?! Well life just got in the way a little bit. My love of writing turned into despising it and dreading it. The reason for this? I was doing Creative Writing as part of my course at Uni. Strange isn’t it? What I thought I would love doing at Uni for one of my modules I actually hated. I found, for me, it just completely took the joy out of writing and all of my writing came to a complete standstill. It’s safe to say that once I realised this I made a quick decision to drop the Creative Writing side of the course and continue the year with Single Honours English Language. Continue reading