If anyone watches Sarah’s Day on YouTube, you will know she has done / does project comebacks when she’s gone off track a bit, when life got in the way and she needs to reign it in and get back into shape.

I love these kinds of videos, it fills me with motivation and inspires me to get back on track too. Except I never take it seriously.

The idea of it never used to completely sit right with me. The idea of a comeback implies that what you have been doing is wrong and what you’re about to do is right. Wrong usually means eating the wrong food and doing the wrong exercise (or even no exercise). For someone who is trying to live a balanced lifestyle, a project comeback isn’t something I have believed, or at least, not enough to make it happen.

But I realised, a while ago I might add, that I have been doing it wrong. I’ve been indulging a little bit too much, and I haven’t been prioritising my health. So, maybe a project comeback will help me get some balance in my life!

I was watching Kurt’s Instagram stories (Sarah’s boyfriend) yesterday morning, lying next to Angus, before he went to work and I embarked on yet another ‘I need to be productive’ day and realised that Angus was watching them with me.

All it took was for me to ask him “shall we do this” for us to both agree that come Monday, we are BOTH on a project comeback.

Why are we waiting until Monday? It’s not because we’re both buying into the ‘let’s start on Monday because it’s a new week’ nonsense but because we have a little date day planned today and ain’t nothing getting in our way!

Sarah said on her Instagram Stories that she needs to be a little bit unbalanced to become balanced again, and that’s exactly what I need to do.

So, this time, I do believe in a Project Comeback. I want it to work, and I’m going to make it happen.

I’m starting on Monday, and I am finally feeling excited, motivated and inspired to do this. I can’t wait to get back into my healthy habits and get back into a routine again!

All the stress of 3rd year is getting to me, and while it is I'm just putting on more and more weight so here is... PROJECT COMEBACK! This post talks about what is involved!

What’s involved?

For me, I need to stop letting external influences allow me to go off track with my meal plans. I need to stop study snacks (or at least make them healthy because let’s be real here, study snacks are ESSENTIAL if I want to get through my dissertation).

I need to be more organised with my food shops and meal plans, and I need to be more disciplined with exercise. Because I have ME/CFS, I count walking to Uni as exercise and I try and do this 3 times a week. THEN, I am going to try and train in the gym twice a week. Once for lower body, and once for upper body. This means I can train when I am not doing anything else (because naturally I will need the whole day to rest afterwards) and then when I am in Uni, the walk will be enough.

I hope that by recognising my problem areas, the things that make me slip up and keep failing, will help me to remain accountable for myself. I’m not really focusing on if I get results or not, I’ve learnt the hard way that my body will do what it wants. I just need to focus on fuelling it with healthy and nourishing food.

I hope that by writing this, it will inspire you and maybe you can re-evaluate your goals, whether that be personal, health, work, education? I hope to document the whole process, mostly on my Instagram so if you want to keep up to date, come and follow me on there!

For now, I’m going to enjoy my date day with Angus and prepare for Project Comeback tomorrow!

Have you ever done a ‘Project Comeback’, or something similar?

Amy xxx (1)

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