Blogging in Bed

Hello everyone! This post isn’t a regular post; it’s more just a few updates about my little Blogging in Bed community!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had a Facebook group since the middle of last year as an online support group for chronic illness bloggers and that has been steadily growing, along with the group Pinterest board that goes with it.

But last week I’ve been feeling particularly motivated to take things to the next level and grow this little community even more, so I’ve created a Twitter profile for it! Continue reading

first post, morning after the night before

The Morning After the Night Before

There are certain things you do the morning after a night out isn’t there? My first thing is to look in the mirror and see how truly horrendous I look. I usually find I look worse than I thought, what with the black streaks of makeup streaming down my face, lip-stick smudged all around my mouth and patchy foundation marks; not to mention the bird’s nest that is my hair. Continue reading