Confessions of a Spoonie: Louise Munro

Hello everyone! Today’s Confessions are from Louise Munro who is a student in Edinburgh. She recently contacted me about her dissertation and in return agreed to take part in this series for me, so thank you again Louise!

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10 Tips for the Chronically Ill Student

Being a student is hard. There I said it! But do you know what makes it harder? Being a student with a chronic illness. That is so challenging, that unless you’ve actually experienced it, you really couldn’t understand what it is like. Continue reading “10 Tips for the Chronically Ill Student”

5 Tips for Students Over Christmas

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is December already. This year has gone SO FAST it’s unbelievable! So much has happened in this past year but I am so excited to get into 2017 and hopefully make it a year to remember!

Unfortunately, being a student, Christmas and the New Year isn’t all just chocolate and presents. There’s usually some sort of assignment to do over the holidays, and in my case, I have three. That’s right! Three. One due in just before Christmas, and two due in January. Continue reading “5 Tips for Students Over Christmas”

How It All Began… Post Diagnosis

In the last ‘How it all Began’ post I talked about the lead up to my diagnosis of ME/CFS. That was in July 2014. We’re now coming up two years since then… TWO YEARS! Where the time has gone, I really don’t know, but what I do know is that A LOT has happened since then. I have grown so much as a person, I have found new hobbies that I now couldn’t imagine life without (hello, blogging!) and I made such good friends with people who I didn’t even know back in July 2014. Continue reading “How It All Began… Post Diagnosis”

10 Things I’ve Learnt at Uni This Year!

In my post the other day I went over my highlights of the year, the many nights out I’ve managed (8 to be precise) and actually finishing the year!

In this post though, I’m going to tell you 10 things which I’ve learnt over this past year! For anyone that is at Uni or has been to Uni, these will probably ring true to you and to anyone who is thinking of going anytime soon, hopefully this will help! Continue reading “10 Things I’ve Learnt at Uni This Year!”

First Year Round-Up!

Hey everyone! I am so pleased to tell you all that I have officially finished my first year at Uni! I mean… I do have a portfolio to submit next week but the point is I have no more exams/lectures/seminars so Uni is completely done until September! Continue reading “First Year Round-Up!”