10 Tips for the Chronically Ill Student

Being a student is hard. There I said it! But do you know what makes it harder? Being a student with a chronic illness. That is so challenging, that unless you’ve actually experienced it, you really couldn’t understand what it is like. Continue reading “10 Tips for the Chronically Ill Student”


My Skincare Routine

This is a bit of a new type of post for me as I haven’t done a beauty post before! I’ve even had to add a subcategory under Lifestyle just for Beauty so it isn’t completely random! However, I do feel like this is relevant to the illness category as it wasn’t until I got ME/CFS that my skin started suffering. I mean, I always had sensitive, dry skin, but it was never as bad as it can get now! (I blame the ME/CFS but I’m not saying it is definitely that!) I can get it to the extent where I feel like my whole forehead would just peel off if I wanted it to, which I don’t… But if I don’t look after it properly it can easily turn into a flaky, patchy, peeling, dry mess. And it’s not pretty. Continue reading “My Skincare Routine”