Pancake Day & Lent

This post was supposed to be the Meal of the Month with either a Chicken Caesar Salad, or my Spicy Mexican Tomato Pasta, but my housemate, Rosie, persuaded me to dedicate it to…


However, by the time we came to do the pancakes last night, it was too dark to get any decent photos! But don’t worry, I still had my pancakes last night, I just had to do them again this morning to get some pictures!

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Part 2 || Life, Love and Loss

In Part 1, I focused on Glandular Fever and starting a new school as a consequence. When I look back on those couple of years I remember pain and misery, but I also have lots of new memories from that time in my life, lessons learned, and all in all, I met new people who very quickly became a big part of my life. One friend I spoke about was Sophie, my best friend from sixth form but the other person I didn’t mention was my boyfriend, Angus. We met at the end of October 2012 and we decided to give things a go on 10th November. 3 and a half years later (nearly!) we are still together, stronger than ever. Continue reading