Plans With Amy

Welcome to Plans With Amy!

My little side-project, a slight obsession and something very new! A few months ago, I found myself stalking planner YouTube videos and their corresponding Instagram accounts. After a couple of months obsessing over these, I decided to invest in my own Happy Planner. And so was born my very real addiction.

A few months after this, I decided I wanted to do much more than just watch other people’s videos and use my planner, but I wanted to share my own spreads.. so I started a separate planner Instagram account.

And then a YouTube channel.

If you decide to see what all the fuss is about on either of these platforms, I hope for your sake you don’t become addicted like I did, because it will eat away at both your time and money. But, if you do, I hope you enjoy my planner content and I would love for you to come and say hi!