The Horror of Blood Tests…


If anyone knows me well, they will know that I have a massive phobia of blood tests – I literally despise them. It probably doesn’t help that I have a few bad experiences… Continue reading

Long Time No Write!


So I know it has been literally months since I last wrote on this blog – my aim to write weekly kind of failed didn’t it?! Well life just got in the way… Continue reading

Winter Blues


Winter is such a lovely time of year, firstly there’s Christmas and secondly it’s mulled wine and hot chocolate season! But there are SO SO many negatives that come with this season. Here… Continue reading

Down That Road


This poem is dedicated to my diagnosis. It is based on how I felt just after I’d been diagnosed with ME/CFS and my Dad was driving me home. As much as it was really… Continue reading

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know


Here’s 30 things you may not know about my Invisible Illness!



Loneliness. It comes at the strangest of times. Sometimes you’ll be in the busiest of places, with hundreds of people around you; you might have even been interacting with other people! I know… Continue reading

The Morning After the Night Before


There are certain things you do the morning after a night out isn’t there? My first thing is to look in the mirror and see how truly horrendous I look. I usually find… Continue reading

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