Pancake Day & Lent

This post was supposed to be the Meal of the Month with either a Chicken Caesar Salad, or my Spicy Mexican Tomato Pasta, but my housemate, Rosie, persuaded me to dedicate it to…


However, by the time we came to do the pancakes last night, it was too dark to get any decent photos! But don’t worry, I still had my pancakes last night, I just had to do them again this morning to get some pictures!

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Meal of the Month || January

Hey guys! This is the first time I’m doing this kind of post, but I really want to make this a monthly thing for a couple of reasons. I want to try and keep accountable for my own healthy eating, and I think by posting my healthy meal of the month, that helps me do that, because as my housemate said to me “If you can’t blog it, don’t eat it”! Another reason is because all of these meals will be meals I’ve made and put on my new Instagram page (@hellohealthyamy) and the meal of the month will be the one with the most likes that most! Continue reading “Meal of the Month || January”

Chilli Con Carne!

You might have seen me post a picture of my delicious Chilli con Carne the other week on Instagram, and if you did, you’ll be pleased to know I am finally going to share my recipe for it!

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Simple Chicken Curry!

Hello everyone! If anyone saw the picture of my homemade chicken curry on my Instagram last week you will be pleased to know that I will be sharing that recipe with you in this blog post!

This recipe is a slight twist on just a normal chicken curry and the secret ingredient is so simple and tasty, but I had never thought of adding it before! It’s safe to say by adding this ingredient, it created a much healthier, filling version of the curry that I already loved and it also made it much tastier! Continue reading “Simple Chicken Curry!”

Jacket Potato Ideas!

Jacket potatoes (or baked potatoes as you may know them) are my favourite thing, especially when you’re eating healthily! Potatoes themselves are full of yummy goodness and you can fill them with whatever you like! In this post I’m going to give you a couple of my favourite suggestions, other than the obvious cheese and beans! Continue reading “Jacket Potato Ideas!”

‘Healthy Eating’ VS ‘Dieting’

In this post I will be discussing why the term ‘healthy eating’ is currently being used more than ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’. It seems to be a fashion to be ‘eat healthy’ and it certainly isn’t a bad one! It is an interesting concept but it is something that needs to be recognised for anybody wanting to either lose weight or simply live a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “‘Healthy Eating’ VS ‘Dieting’”