Gym vs Group Classes

Hello everyone! In today’s post I’m going to be going over the positives and negatives with going to the gym versus going to a group class! And to conclude, I will say which I prefer!

People use both methods of exercise and use a combination of both, and some only use one or the other. I am of the latter group. I enjoy one of these SO MUCH MORE than the other, and really I wouldn’t be found doing one of these!

Can you guess which one I love yet?

So here it goes, going to the GYM vs going to a GROUP CLASS. Continue reading “Gym vs Group Classes”

20 Songs which will Guarantee a Good Workout!

As I’m sure everyone will agree, you can’t have a great workout without a great playlist to go with it. I have always loved music, and that doesn’t change when I’m working out. I love to have tunes blaring at me while I’m exercising as I find it gets me in the mood and it motivates me so much more! Any exercise classes you go to will always have a great playlist to go along with the exercise and any time you go into a gym, there will always be music on in the background! Continue reading “20 Songs which will Guarantee a Good Workout!”

11 Exercises You can do at Home!

Hey guys! In this post I will be running through my exercise routine with 11 exercises you can do at home! If I can’t get to the gym but feel like I need to do something these are some the exercises I do! Continue reading “11 Exercises You can do at Home!”

Top 3 Fitspirations!

In this post I will be going through my fitness inspirations, or ‘fitspirations’ as I like to call them! These women have consistently kept me motivated when I feel down and all I have to do is go on Facebook or Instagram and look at one of their pictures! Continue reading “Top 3 Fitspirations!”

My Fitness Journey (Part 2)

In Part 1 I talked about how I began my fitness journey and what it did for me but now I’m going to talk about what happened after that initial start. Continue reading “My Fitness Journey (Part 2)”

My Fitness Journey (Part 1)

The main thing that has helped me manage my illness has been exercise. Yes, the illness that prevents from me getting out of bed in the morning after ‘doing too much’ can actually be helped by doing physical activity – I know, it’s crazy! But if I’m completely honest, it was the best thing I could have done! Continue reading “My Fitness Journey (Part 1)”