Blogging in Bed

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a post dedicated to my Blogging in Bed community! For those of you who don’t know, I started a Facebook group in 2016 as an online support group for chronic illness bloggers, and have since made a Pinterest board, a Twitter page and an Instagram for the community.

What is Blogging in Bed?

Blogging in Bed is a community where people can share any blog posts and social media links to a wider audience. It is also great for extra support and advice! On Twitter, you can have your posts retweeted by us, simply use the hashtag #bloggingbed in the tweet you want retweeted and I will retweet them for you! There is no limit to how many time you can tag us.

There is also the possibility of starting a twitter chat once the community is a little bit more established, more likely once I’ve finished University! But for now, the account is mainly there for more support, and to help promote your tweets.

Who’s it for?

Of course, the focus is primarily for chronic illness bloggers, and I want the Facebook group to stay true to that, but anyone can use the Twitter page. So whether you’re a lifestyle, travel or beauty blogger, you’re welcome to the community! And if you enjoy reading other people’s posts, but are not a blogger yourself, feel free to follow us as you will easily find a whole bunch of posts you might find interesting!

I’m so pleased that this little community that I made has grown so much, and I’m really excited to see where it goes in the future. I think it’s wonderful when us bloggers can all come together and support each other, especially when we also have chronic illnesses as everything is made just that little bit harder.

I have also developed a little logo/button for Blogging in Bed members to put on their blogs! Feel free to use this if you would like to, and be sure to join the community!

If you put this logo on your blog, be sure to link it to this page:

I look forward to seeing you in my little Blogging in Bed community soon!

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