About me… I am 21 years old and have grown up in Northumberland with my parents, younger brother and a lot of animals. I do writing and lots of reading on the side, I am also in the Singing Society and love to play piano!

Currently... I am studying English Language at York St John University. I am attempting to lose weight, whilst also trying to manage my illness.

My aim… this blog is to document my ups and downs with my fitness journey as well as how I cope with my illness as a student living away from home. In it I will be talking about different techniques I use to help my illness or weight loss, I will post helpful and hopefully healthy recipes I’ve used and different lifestyle tips that make life (especially one with an illness) just that little bit easier!

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I also have a new Instagram which is focusing on my weight loss journey and on it I will be sharing pictures of food and meals, motivational quotes and health/fitness updates! If you’re interested in following, you can find me at @amymargaret08.

Feel free to ask me any questions and enjoy reading!
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Check out my other blog, Stories of Scotchy.



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