How We Spent Our Original Wedding Day

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to chat to you more about postponing our wedding. We were supposed to get married yesterday. 18th April 2020. We had planned our wedding day for over a year, and in our heads, we would be married today. Right now, we would be thanking all our family and our friends for celebrating with us and talking about the day’s events, wanting to do it all over again!

However, things didn’t quite play out like that, due to Covid-19 and being in lockdown, so unfortunately we did not get the day we had hoped and planned for yesterday. But how did we spend our original wedding day?


We knew that this day would be difficult, but instead of feeling disappointed and deflated about it, we decided to make the day special anyway. We will always remember this date, and it will always be special to us, so why not celebrate our love and our relationship anyway? Just the two of us.

In the morning…

… we had a long lie in, and we had received a parcel from Angus’ parents so we opened that (it was a beautiful jigsaw which I can’t want to do!) and also spoke to both our Mum’s before we did anything else! After we decided to get up, we couldn’t quite work out what we wanted to do. We had a plan in our heads, but when it came to it, we weren’t really feeling it. So, we decided to write down 10 activities on bits of paper and folded them up into a bowl. Then we let fate decide and picked up one at a time!

Then, we had a delicious croissants for breakfast with fresh orange juice (obviously!) and the first activity was to play a game called Dominion. It was something that my parents had bought us for Christmas and we had never got around to playing it. It turns out, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so nice to pass the time playing a board game together.

After this, we received some gorgeous flowers from my family along with some chocolate and Prosecco which was such a lovely little surprise for us on this day.


In the afternoon…

… we picked another activity out which was to watch a film. So we got the snacks and wine ready and then curled up on the sofa to watch the next Marvel film. I had a little bit of a nap, even though Angus tried his best to keep me awake! It was the wine, I definitely blame the wine!

After this, we sat down again and played more Dominion together and just had a bit of time to chill. By this point we actually knew what we were doing without needing to check the rule book 20 times so we could have a bit more fun with it!

In the evening…

… I got ready, hair, makeup, the works! We had a zoom call with Angus’ family and their close friends where we all raised a toast and talked about everything and anything, including how much fun our actual wedding day will be!

After this, I cooked us both some tea. Angus had put our wedding playlist on in the background, lit some candles and we had a lovely date night at home. We had a little dance around out flat to some of our favourite songs, including what would have been our first dance song and then collapsed in front of the TV, with cookies and ice cream to watch another film.


So, no, it wasn’t the perfect day we had planned in our heads, but it was a perfect day. We might not be married now, but we will be soon. 2020 will still be our year (I hope!) and we will be able to celebrate our marriage with all of our family and friends before we know it. And 18th April will always be our ‘Not Our Wedding Day’ Anniversary!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’ve had to postpone your magical day, I’d love to know what you and your partner did or plan to do on your original date! And if you want to see more from the wedding series, you can find the other posts here.

Until next time,


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