Let’s Have A Catch Up // November 2019

Hello lovelies, it’s been a while hasn’t it! Since my last catch up, I have survived my first half term of teaching full time and my goodness was it a struggle. If you haven’t already read that post, you can find it here. Anyway, I thought I’d have a little catch up with you and update you on a few things!

me walking the dogs

Working Full Time…

… has been tough. For the first few weeks, I don’t think my body knew what had hit it! I barely had a moment to breathe and I was in a constant state of stress. I thought I knew what I was doing, what I was expected to do and how to stay on top of it all, but boy was I wrong. Add on a few extra tasks that I wasn’t aware about, I went into meltdown mode nearly 3 times a week! But, the first 6 weeks were always going to be the hardest, and I’ve done it! I have another 6 weeks until Christmas, then 6 weeks again until half term and that is my full-time stint done and dusted. I’m a third of my way through!

My Heath Has Been…

… a little bit all over the place if I’m honest. Back in June/July, I was bleeding consistently for nearly 5 weeks. At first I blamed the PCOS, but then had a cervical examination and found out that I had cervical ectropion and an infection. Neither is anything to worry about; a short stint of antibiotics and a follow-up appointment solved the infection, but the cervical ectropion may not be as easy. It’s nothing serious, in fact, many women can have it but unfortunately for me, it might be what is causing all this bleeding.

Following this, my Doctor and I decided to try metformin to help my PCOS, and I’ve been on this now for about 3 months. I’m waiting to have a blood test to check my blood sugar levels and then I will probably be increasing my dosage of this. The main difference that I’ve noticed is what I believe are more regular periods (as opposed to random bleeding/spotting every week). I believe I’ve now had 3 regular periods since starting on Metformin which is a huge result for me, especially as stress usually makes them disappear!

Overall, my health hasn’t been too bad. Working full-time is a struggle for my fatigue, but I’m getting there and I feel like I’m finally on the right track with my PCOS, so I can’t complain really!

Wedding Planning Is Going…

… very well actually. I know this is what you really wanted to know, its the question I get asked most! We have booked and paid deposits for most things now and it’s starting to full much more real. I’ve ordered my dress, decided on flowers and a cake, booked the band, venue and caterers and we are in the process of sorting out our invitations. It’s all starting to come together and it makes me so excited that next year we will actually be getting married! I fully intend to do more wedding posts as well… so if there is anything you would like to see, be sure to let me know!

My Blog Is…

… being very neglected, as is my Instagram. As you can see from the three previous areas of my life, I just don’t have time for a fourth. I’ve completely taken the pressure off posting, and even engaging as it was stressing me out and upsetting me that I couldn’t do it all. My plan is just to post as and when I want to, and if that means taking months off at a time, then so be it. In 2020, my life will have calmed down a bit and hopefully then I can get back into it properly, but for now, don’t expect too much from me!

the driveway at Scotchcoulthard

I’m Feeling Grateful For…

  • My wonderful fiancé who understands my health needs and does everything he can to support me.
  • Being to work full time, doing my dream job, even if it is tough.
  • Our lovely little flat that we have both made a home in.
  • Being able to plan our dream wedding.
  • My amazing parents, especially my Mum for always saying the right things at the right time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little catch up, there has been a few changes of the past few months and I felt like it was the right time to write it all down. Even as I’m writing this I can’t believe that I’m managing it all. But, I am and I am so grateful for that.

I’d love to catch up with you as well, let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to!

Until next time,



  1. 9th February 2020 / 12:41 pm

    no like button, or can I not see it? thanks for writing, Julia, check out my blog if you fancy, returnfromthebewilderness.co./blog-feed/
    would love to connect with you.

    • Amy
      25th March 2020 / 10:32 am

      No like button I’m afraid! Thanks Julia xx

  2. Laura
    25th February 2020 / 6:58 am

    Amy, I know I just left another comment for another one of your blog posts but I wanted to leave another one. I’m really glad my mom found your blog and passed on the link to me. I’ve joined two facebook groups that deal with my recently diagnosed chronic condition, and while they’re informative, they’re really negative, talking about all the terrible complications people have as a result of the condition. Those pages sucked the spirit out of me, so I stopped visiting them.

    On the other hand, your blog gives a good balance of the positive and less positive aspects of a chronic condition. What I like is that I see that you can manage things and make your dreams come true, and that maybe I can too. What I also like is that you say some of the negative things but not in a really severely desperate, hold on for dear life – I’m gonna die, way – enough to make me recognize that I am not alone with my new chronic condition and that somewhere out there, there are others who have difficulties too and know what it feels like. So your posts have some sad and unfortunate stuff in them, but they make me feel empathy and less alone, instead of left fearing the very worst. Your posts give me some hope amidst the anger and sadness of having my new condition. And, it’s inspiring to know you found a partner who loves you and supports you even with a chronic condition. Maybe I can too. Thank you so much for your blog. Oh: And, I love your different blog sections and layout. 🙂

    • Amy
      25th March 2020 / 10:31 am

      Hi Laura, thank you for leaving such lovely comments, it really has made my day! I’m so pleased that my blog can be a source of positivity for you, that has always been my aim that it is positive with a healthy balance of realness and rawness to my posts! Thank you for sharing the love! xxx

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