The Wedding Series // The Big To-Do List

It’s nearly 6 months since we got engaged (you can read that post here), and I’ve finally decided to start a Wedding series over on my blog. I haven’t come up with a catchy name for it yet, so I’m sticking with ‘The Wedding Series’ for now; it will probably never change.

This series has been inspired by Hello Miss Jordan who is blogging about her wedding in her series Becoming Mrs Jordan and also InTheFrow who is getting married in August with her blog series The Wedding Diaries.

Anyway, this series is going to include wedding updates; what we’ve done so far, what we’re planning on doing next and any hiccups along the way. But, I also want to include my tips and advice for planning a wedding, how to keep the budget low and most importantly, how to remain stress-free while planning it! Because nobody wants to become Bridezilla! And finally, I will share a few sneak-peeks at my much-loved wedding Pinterest board!

A notebook with 'Wedding To-Do' written on with a list underneath. Around the notebook are pink flowers and a pen.

So, welcome to The Wedding Series #1.

Wedding planning has officially begun! So, let’s recap what we’ve done so far.

Church & Venue

In February we met with the Vicar and had a look at a potential venue for the reception – Mum and I had already had a look with Angus’ Mum but this was an opportunity for Angus to properly see it. We instantly decided that it was perfect for what we wanted; something simple and affordable. It’s quite plain with white walls, but I’m ok with that because it means we get complete control over decorating it!

This venue also helped us to decide our theme for the wedding, a woodland, outdoorsy, simple theme with the colours for the wedding being green and white, maybe with a splash of colour somewhere. Below are some of my green-theme Pinterest ideas!

Setting a Date

We’ve set a date! This took a while for us to do; we must have been through every single month in the year before finally decided on a date. Because I’m a teacher and we’ll be getting married back at home (about 2/3 hours from York), it needed to be in the school holidays. The obvious choice would be the summer, but something just told Angus and I that it wasn’t for us. We also toyed with a winter wedding (as we first got together in November and got engaged in December) but with it being limited to the Christmas holidays, we decided there would be too much going on at that time of year. And because half terms are only a week long, they were ruled out too. Suddenly, we had ruled out pretty much the whole year!!

We were watching the series ‘Castle’ at the time, and while we were trying to set our date, so were Castle and Beckett (the main couple who were getting married) and were having the same issues! One thing that Castle’s mother said to them was that ‘ there is no such thing as a perfect date for a wedding’ and as soon as we heard that, we realised that we just needed to pick one and stick with it.

So after meeting with the Vicar, and discussing the date with him, we finally made a decision and set the date for our wedding.

Guest List

The guest list actually wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as I thought it would be! It wasn’t easy, but it didn’t cause any huge arguments so that’s a bonus! The main issue was that my family are twice the size of Angus’ which means I have to be quite picky with my own friends and family friends. This sounds harsh by unfortunately it’s the reality of wedding planning. And if you think I have snazzy spreadsheet to help make this guest list, you’d be absolutely right! Is it sad that I sometimes just open it and look at it admiringly? Actually, don’t answer that one…


We were really lucky in that both Angus and I, and both of our parents all love the food ideas that we have for the reception – again, more details will come, but I will tell you that it isn’t the traditional 3 course meal! I am so excited for this part of the day, not just because, you know, food but also because it’s a bit different and I know everybody else will love it too. Below are some wedding buffets that I am currently obsessed with.


This was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made so far I think; one of Angus’s friends has started his own photography business and his wedding photos are absolutely stunning. We spoke to him shortly after getting engaged and asked if he would be able to do our wedding photography and once we had a date, booked him straight away! I’m so relieved that someone we know personally is doing our photos because it will just make the whole day feel much more relaxed I think! Also, it means that he can join in with the celebrations as a guest when he isn’t taking photos and just enjoy himself!

What’s Next?

After we booked the main things; Church, venue and caterers, I started to relax a bit. I knew I had 3 months over the summer where I wouldn’t be at work so I can fully throw myself into wedding planning. Well, the summer is here! I have one more full week left at work, and then my students will take their exams and that will be me finished!

So what’s next on our big Wedding to-do list?

  • Dress shopping (this is happening soon!)
  • Music/Band/DJ (haven’t decided yet)
  • Save the dates (and finalise ceremony guestlist)

I’m going to leave that there for now, I realise that this has been a long post! I was going to break it down but I’m too excited to get started on the next post! I don’t know how often I will post wedding updates, but there will definitely be another one soon.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’re getting married too, please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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