5 Reasons Why Pont d’Espagna Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Pont d’Espagne has to be my favourite place in France, easy. Ok, I’ve only been to the South-West of France, but still. It is a little bit of paradise in the Pyrenees National Park, home to the most unforgettable views. So, here are 5 reasons why you NEED to visit Pont d’Espagna.


5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Pont d’Espagna, France

The Drive

Even the drive up there was fascinating. There are various routes you could take, but my Dad and I chose to take the “scenic” route… twice. The first attempt got us so far before we found out the road we needed was closed. We turned around, planning to go back to the bigger town which we probably should have done in the first place, and head south from there. But being the adventurous and possible foolish family we are, we decided to try a different “scenic” route.

Just to give you a bit of context, Dad was driving, I was directing using the map, and Mum was in the back seat. When I looking for alternative routes on the map and saw a tiny little “white” road (the main roads being red or yellow) I said to Dad, “I think this would be a fun route!”. Oh, it was fun. The roads where single tracks, climbing higher and higher up the mountain, often without any barriers on the edge. At one point we came across farmers herding sheep and were stuck for a good 20 minutes before we could get past! We also came across a little electric car – brave!

While Mum was too scared to look out of the window most of the time, Dad focusing on not crashing into another car on the tiny road, I was taking in the breath-taking view of the mountains. As we got higher, the views just got better. I really have seen nothing like it before.


The Views at Pont D’ Espagna

I have already touched on the views before, but if you didn’t take the “scenic” route, don’t worry because as soon as you get even close you can enjoy the scenery. Never mind when you actually get there. The road all the up to Pont d’Espagna boasted incredible views and once you got up there you felt like you were on top of the world.

The Waterfalls at Pont D’ Espagna

I think the waterfalls were possibly the best thing about Pont d’Espagna. This is what we came for, and we were not disappointed. All the way up through the mountains there were different waterfalls ranging in sizes and once we got there, we were surrounded by them, big and small. All you could hear was the crashing water and rivers flowing. If you don’t do anything else, you definitely need to take some lunch, find a spot and take it all in. There are a couple of restaurants and cafes which means you can easily stop and have some lunch. We did exactly this when we ate lunch while sitting outside by one of the biggest waterfalls.


The Walks at Pont D’ Espagna

If the views aren’t enough, you can enjoy a peaceful walk through Pont d’Espagna, enjoying the waterfalls, the mountains, nature at its best. We probably spent about 45 mins walking, taking it all in. But, as I know many of you suffer from chronic illness, like me, you are also able to hop on and off the ski lifts that are available. However, do have to pay for them and they looked terrifying! Should you choose to walk, there are also various places for you to take a break should you need to.


The Lake at Pont D’ Espagna

Unfortunately I didn’t actually see the lake, but I can imagine it was just as impressive as the waterfalls. To get up to the lake, it was either an hour walk there and back, or jumping on and off a chair lift followed by a 15 min walk. let’s just say I wasn’t keen to do either of those. This is where a teleport would have come in handy! Mum and I decided to stay at the café by the waterfall and read our books while Dad did the walk by himself. It’s probably no surprise that he did NOT get any pictures, but he did get a pint!

So there are my 5 reasons why you need to visit Pont d’Espagna. Have I convinced you yet? Take the afternoon, or even the whole day to take in the beautiful scenery and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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  1. 25th June 2018 / 9:07 pm

    Looks gorgeous! I have never been to that park of France but it looks beautiful 🙂

    • Amy Saunders
      26th June 2018 / 10:08 am

      It really is beautiful, you should definitely visit!! Xxx

  2. Elizabeth Velez
    27th June 2018 / 5:30 pm

    Ohhhhh swooon. I’ve never been to France, but my hubby has and I am so in love with these photos! – E

    Elizabeth | O HAI GIRL

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