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Hi guys, I know it’s been a while… nearly 2 months actually, but I’m hoping that I will slowly be getting back into blogging again, although it definitely won’t be regular! I’ve missed blogging a lot, and I have loads of posts that I want to write, so please bear with me and I will get them out at some point!
Anyway, I thought I would have a catch up with you, although not much happened in August other than me being really quite ill, and turning 22! I was more active on my Instagram throughout August, trying to keep you all up to date with what was going on, but I’ll go into a bit more detail now. In September 3rd year has consumed my soul and to be honest, I can’t really believe it’s already October!
It's been a while since I've blogged, but 3rd year has hit me hard! In this post I have a quick catch up about the past couple of months!
You might have seen some of my previous posts, where I talked about how much I was struggling, if not, you can find them here and here. But basically, it all came to a head in August. I went home for the month and crashed. And when I say crashed, I mean I basically slept for a week. My body obviously needed it, but that doesn’t mean it was by any means fun or what I wanted. I had hoped to get so much done in that month, blogging, work for my Mum, exercise, etc., but I didn’t manage to do any of that really, and that really started to bring me down. But it’s ok, I’m much better now and I’m ready to get back to Uni and get settled into a routine again!
I’ve been back in York for the past month now, settling into my new house and getting back into a routine again. I am on 2 society committees this year, Linguistics and Singing, so I’ve been working with the other members to try and make this year for both societies as good as it can possible be! Although it is a lot of time and commitment, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and I am so excited for the year to start so I can get properly involved with both.

This week marks the beginning of my 4th week of 3rd year and so far my attendance has been pretty good! I’ve even submitted my first assignment of the year! I’m thoroughly enjoying my modules even if it is intense, but it is so worth it! So far I am managing to keep on top of my work, even if there are days where I don’t manage to do much, but so long as I am doing the best I can, I can’t really complain!
I’ve also been living with a couple of my best friends which has been great fun, especially when wine is involved! It’s good to be in a house where instead of everybody creeping around the house trying to avoid each other, we can just wander in and out of each other’s bedrooms to talk, we can cook meals together, sit in the living room and watch crappy TV together and it actually feels like a little family!

I’ve also managed to catch up with my old housemate which was so much fun, and I also got to see what her and her new housemates have done with the house since I left, basically I just like to be nosy! But their house looks great, and feels much more homely than it ever did when I lived there! Although, I’m not sure I can say the same for my old bedroom, which Rosie has managed to turn into a bomb-site! (Sorry Rosie!)
I finally feel like I’ve managed to understand how to manage my illness and make sure that I can balance out resting, working and socialising! I’ve come to realise that when I need to sleep, I should just sleep, and if I question going to that seminar when I first wake up, it probably means that I shouldn’t go, and that I should just rest instead. I’ve also been trying out Bowen therapy, which I think deserves a blog post to itself, but that seems to be helping my pain wise and also mentally, so happy days!
Some days are harder than others, I’m not going to deny that. Today, for example, has been difficult, but I’ve managed to get through it and I feel proud that I did get through it. Tomorrow? Who knows. I’m just taking one day at a time, and the days that I feel good, I embrace, and the days that I don’t, I persevere, and I rest.
But that’s it from me today, I really do hope to get back into blogging properly soon, but I think while I’m concentrating on my Uni work, blogging needs to take a little backseat and I will write as and when I can!
Thank you all for bearing with me over the past couple of months, I really do appreciate all your love and support!
I’d love to know how you’re all getting on, so please do let me know in the comments!
Until next time,
Amy xxx (1)

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