Ashy Bines || SQUAD TOUR

So you may have seen on my social media that I was in London the other weekend for ‘Squad Tour’… if you didn’t know already, this was a massive fitness event ran by Ashy Bines and her crew, who came all the way over from Australia to hold this fantastic event.

The whole weekend was absolutely brilliant, spent with such lovely and gorgeous girls and obviously the workout itself was just incredible, if not ridiculously hard!! There are so many highlights and I don’t think I stopped grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time!

However, I am NOT going to talk through this whole blog post… I think the pictures can show you how much fun we all had!

The past couple of weeks since this event, I’ve just been wishing I was back here with all the girls, it might seem strange but I miss them all so much and this was the first time I met any of them! They are such a lovely bunch of girls and we still have a WhatsApp group where we all chat every day and keep each other motivated! And even though this event basically caused me to be in bed for a week, every minute was absolutely worth it and I would 100% do it all again!

This event has definitely inspired me to keep going with my health journey and anytime I start lacking in motivation, I can just look back on these pictures and feel inspired again!

What is motivating and inspiring you at the moment?

Amy xxx (1)

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