6 Things Only a Spoonie Would Know || Thomas Brown

6 Things Only a Spoonie Would Know || Thomas Brown

A spoonie can denote any individual who suffers from a chronic illness. It is a term that is related to the people who are experiencing some chronic illnesses. The term spoonie derived from an account written by Christine Miserandino titled as The Spoon Theory. Spoonie is a term that really mentions a very central symbol which lets chronic patients to illustrate their ill health and the challenges they deal with to another person. Spoonie theory focuses on describing the issues that a person living with a chronic illness suffers or come across in their daily life.
People with Chronic illnesses get truly good at keeping their pain secret and find some excellent means to contend with it. Spoonies often live with the stranger sicknesses like MS, Fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, EDS, etc. Sharing the pain that chronic people suffer with others and managing with the social loneliness. A lot of chronic pain patients undergo can be challenging. However, they may hook up with other people who feel very similar conditions. The spoonies know when to wake up, get ready for the day, and go right back to sleep no matter what the day holds in store for them.
Guest blogger, Thomas, talks about 6 things only a Spoonie would know and understand!
There are a lot of things that only a spoonie would know such as:

Life Is Tough, Challenging and Difficult

Most of the Spoonies agree that the life as a spoonie is tough, challenging and difficult. The main reason is that Spoonies have a restricted amount of energy and ability every day. Since they are limited and have only less amount of energy, they are not able to lead a life like a healthy person. Limited energy denotes that they have to get satisfied with what they have at the moment and they are not able to make any progress beyond their limitations. It indeed makes it tougher for chronic patients to keep pace with everyday tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Limited Chances

The Spoonies understand the fact that they have limited chances in their life compared to healthy people because of their illnesses. Without a doubt, people with no chronic illnesses have supposedly unlimited chances in their everyday life to develop or to do anything that they wish and they take it for granted as well. However, people living with a chronic illness recognize that their chances are limited and they don’t take their chances for granted. They make the best use of their chances because they know that they don’t have enough chances to fritter away. Being spoonie is a lifestyle but they require multiple naps a day to function.

Less Energy

The Spoonies always know that they have less energy everyday and they will have to complete their daily tasks with the limited energy that they have. There is no need to tell the Spoonies that they must plan or prepare their day accordingly because they are aware of it. However, it is essential for healthy people to get advice from others about the importance of preparing or planning a day as per their energy level. The Spoonies have the ability to identify what energy they have and how to use their energy in order to accomplish their tasks that they are required to do.

Plan Most Important Things for the Day

The Spoonies know how to plan most important things for the day. They make the best choices and do the best things in their day after day life as they know that they have only limited chances and less energy to perform their daily tasks. Their knowledge about their ability and energy level lets them to concentrate on what is most important for that day. It is vital to realize that their life or present life condition is an ongoing or daily happening. It is not easy for people to always have to budget energy, but it assists a spoonie to prepare or plan their day around the things that are most important in their life.

No Break

Another main thing that every spoonie would know in their life is that no break is allowed in their life. It is observable that there is no break or holiday for people with chronic illness because their condition is ongoing so that they cannot move away from their every day duties or responsibilities. Like healthy people, people with chronic illness cannot plan a day away from their daily routine because Spoonies cannot just do it. They must be planned and prepared for something that they have to do in their life.  They are limited to do a new thing suddenly and they just can’t do anything impulsively.

Know Their Tasks

One of the main things that every spoonie would know is their daily tasks or daily routine. The Spoonies know when to Wake up and get out of bed which can be very tough for a person suffering from a lot of pain right through the night by reason of his chronic sickness. The Spoonies know that they have to Brush teeth, do other important things and get ready for the rest of the days jobs. A spoonie may be feeling tired but he knows that he has to make breakfast and do other works that are important to him. A spoonie is well aware of driving to work or walk into doctor’s appointments every day. The everyday life of a spoonie will be well arranged and planned although he is in severe pain.

About the Author

Thomas Brown is a counsellor and an affiliate faculty member at Colorado Christian University. He has a passion for helping hurt people and is currently working on a book about self-care. He loves God, good coffee, fly-fishing, and Tacos. You can read more about him on his website.
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