Outside Looking In: Introduction

Outside Looking In: Introduction

If you’ve seen any of my tweets or snapchats recently, you will know that I’ve been planning a little project for the blog, and I’m pleased to say that I can now reveal what that is!
I’ve been wanting to take guest posts for a while now, and I eventually decided that I wanted to do a guest post series over the course of a few weeks, so that’s exactly what I’m doing!
I have teamed up with Jodie from ‘It’s Yet Another Blogger’ and we have created two events that will run together, on both of our blogs. The first is called Outside Looking In, which I am going to talk about in more detail in this post, and the other is Confessions of a Spoonie, which Jodie will be talking about over on her blog! You can find her post here.

Outside Looking In

Insights from Those who Know and Love the Chronically Ill

Jodie and I felt that it was really important to recognise that it’s not just those who have the chronic illness, that suffer from it. Those who know and love the chronically ill can suffer as well, especially as they’re usually the ones who are constantly being let down and cancelled on, the ones who look after us when we’re ill, and the ones that are always there for us, no matter what.
We think it is important for other people who are in the same situation to know and understand that they’re not alone, and that there are other people in the same position, as well as getting some advice on how to deal with the situation! We hope that this event will not only give an insight to what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, but also to how it feels to know and love someone with a chronic illness.
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As part of the series, we’ll be talking to different people who know and love someone with chronic illness, and getting their insights and opinions on it. Questions include how they’ve supported their friends/family, what they find frustrating about the condition and how they’ve come to learn and understand the condition.
So we need you to get involved, whether you have a chronic illness yourself, or you know someone who does, we have questions for you! If you want to be involved, please email me at amysaundersblog@outlook.com confirming your interest with the event and I will send you the relevant questions (10 for this one, 15 for Confessions of a Spoonie). All you need to do is answer them as well as you can and email them back to me, along with a short bio and a picture of yourself (if you don’t mind!) and I will let you know when your post is likely to be published!
If you also have a blog and social media, please feel free to send your links with the email and we’ll post them along with your answers!
Remember to head over to It’s Yet Another Blogger to find out more information about the other event, and Jodie and I will look forward to hearing from you!
Here is a schedule of the different events for you to take a look at (hopefully you won’t be too confused!), and with each post, there will be a link to the previous one, and a reminder for when the next post will be up and where you can find it!
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact either Jodie or I and we will help you as much as we can! We hope that you enjoy the event and find the questions and answers useful!
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