Blogging in Bed

Hello everyone! This post isn’t a regular post; it’s more just a few updates about my little Blogging in Bed community!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had a Facebook group since the middle of last year as an online support group for chronic illness bloggers and that has been steadily growing, along with the group Pinterest board that goes with it.

But last week I’ve been feeling particularly motivated to take things to the next level and grow this little community even more, so I’ve created a Twitter profile for it!

The idea of the Twitter profile is to allow bloggers to have their posts retweeted in order for it to reach a wider audience, and also to reach more people to grow the community even further. Twitter, I feel, is a lot more accessible and so I feel like it’s going to reach more people that way than it will on Facebook, although I do love my Facebook group too!

In order to have your posts retweeted by the @BloggingBed Twitter profile, simply use the hashtag #bloggingbed in the tweet you want to be promoted and I will do my best to retweet them all!


There is also the possibility of starting a twitter chat once the community is a little bit more established, and also when I have a little bit more time on my hands! But for now, the account is mainly there for more support, and to help promote your tweets! So if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to blogging or chronic illness please do use the hashtag and I will do my best to advise you and support you!

Of course, the focus is chronic illness, but anyone is welcome, and if you enjoy reading other people’s posts, feel free to follow us anyway as you will easily find a whole bunch of posts you might find interesting!

I’m really excited and keen to grow this community as I think it’s wonderful when us bloggers can all come together and support each other, especially when we also have chronic illnesses as everything is made just that little bit harder!

I hope to see some of you soon on either Facebook or Twitter… or both!!

Amy xxx (1)

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