Time Management with a Chronic Illness

Hey guys! I haven’t blogged in a while but that is because I have been really busy with Uni and life in general and I just haven’t had the time. BUT, it’s reading week this week and I have more time on my hands so I thought I would share a couple of tips so you can use time management to your advantage!

Time management is so important, especially when you have a chronic illness like mine, and that has become abundantly clear to me in the past couple of weeks. One of my best friends has JHS and Fibromyalgia so she knows just as well as I do how important time management is, except she seems to do it SO MUCH BETTER than I do! Both of us are in our second year at Uni, and she is currently holding down 100% attendance both last year AND this year. I am so incredibly proud of her for doing this, and for anybody with a chronic illness, you will appreciate what an amazing achievement this is! I, however, am lucky if I get 100% attendance in one week!

Now the simple difference here, is that my friend knows how to pace herself and she manages her time extremely well. I do to an extent, but I do struggle and sometimes I let my illness take control a little bit. And that’s ok too, but the way my friend handles her illnesses, is my aim. (I’m hoping that by living with her next year, all her good habits will rub off on me!)

On another note, this past week I did make 100% attendance AND I walked in every day I was in so I am feeling very smug and proud of myself this weekend!


So anyway, here are my top tips for managing your time with a chronic illness!

Plan your week

If you actually plan your week, you then know in advance when you have time to rest, when you are busy and when you can completely crash! This is really important for me to do, definitely for the next day, and I try and do it for the whole week. It can get complicated when plans suddenly change or things suddenly pop up but on the whole, you can try and get an idea of your week at the beginning.

Split your day into thirds

This might sound strange, but ever since my Doctor suggested it to me, I’ve tried to use it every single day. Basically, you split your day into thirds – morning, afternoon and evening. The aim is to keep at least one third of each day to yourself to rest. For example, if you know you’re going to be busy in the morning and in the evening, try and keep the afternoon to yourself for you to rest. Obviously, this doesn’t work every day, but most days I can make it work for me and that really helps me to manage each day individually!

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important, with or without a chronic illness, but with one it is even more vital for your health. I know I need at least 8 hours sleep, but ideally I need 10 hours a night. That might seem like a lot but I know if I don’t get that I will start to lag early afternoon and I will need a nap, which means I don’t sleep as well the following night and then it’s just a vicious cycle! I really think it is worth trying to work out how many hours sleep you can function properly on, and then you can try and manage your day around that!

If you struggle getting to sleep, here are a few tips to help with insomnia.

So there are my top three tips for how to manage your time with a chronic illness. I can’t function properly without these habits so by keeping on top of these, I can keep control of my illness and then it doesn’t control me.

If you have any tips and tricks for managing your time with a chronic illness, please leave a comment below as I would love to hear them!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you all soon!

P.S. I have Snapchat for my blog now! My username is amysaunders08 and I chat about day-to-day life with ME/CFS, healthy eating, fitness and Uni!

Amy xxx (1)

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