Blogging with a Chronic Illness

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going to be about, as the title suggests, blogging with a chronic illness. And let me tell you, it is difficult. I love it, and I would never say otherwise, but it is so difficult sometimes to find the motivation to continue. But when I do, I am constantly reminded of how great it is, and how much I enjoying writing.

At the beginning of September, I told you all that I was aiming to post something every Sunday… well you have probably all realised that that hasn’t quite happened. In fact, I think since then, I have posted twice. Oops! So this is why I thought I would write this post – one, to explain why I haven’t kept my promise, two, to explain why blogging is so difficult, and three, why blogging is so important to me, and why it actually can help me with my illness!

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In September, I moved into a new house at Uni, and as much as I’m really enjoying living with other people, it’s hard because last year I got so used to living on my own! This meant that I had a lot more time to myself and a lot more time to do things for me, like blogging. This year, I find myself spending a lot more time with my housemates, which is obviously great because I’m nowhere near as lonely, but I suddenly have less time to myself. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get into more of a routine so I can manage my life, and my illness better, making more time for myself in the process. So hopefully things will get better and as I find a routine which works for me, my blog should be going back to a routine as well – fingers crossed!

The other thing which has caused difficulties when it comes to blogging is that with being back at Uni, I suddenly have a ton of work to do! I know right?! It’s shocking! But anyway, with it being my second year, I’ve really wanted to concentrate on these first few weeks, to make sure I start the year off right, so while I’ve been doing that, my blog has taken a backseat.

Now to anyone else, these may just seem like two pathetic excuses for why I haven’t been blogging – am I right? But for me, these two massive changes in my life have caused major stress for me, and I’ve had to ensure that I don’t relapse with my illness. So far so good! Any change can cause problems for people with a chronic illness, and when you suddenly find yourself out of balance and with a lack of routine, it can be difficult to manage your illness. Yet managed I have! In the 4 weeks I’ve been here, I’ve only had one really bad day, and just a few bad times where I haven’t felt 100%. But each time, I have listened to my body, rested, and felt much better the next day – yey!


My new room at Uni!

So anyway, let me tell you why blogging with a chronic illness can be difficult, especially with everything that’s been going on in my life!

  • Blogging requires thinking. Brain fog really really does not help with this. I have had to focus my energy on Uni work, so when it comes to doing things for me, like blogging or even just reading a book, I haven’t felt up to it, mainly due to brain fog.
  • Blogging requires a plan of action, or for me it does anyway. Again, with a chronic illness, plans can easily go out the window when you suddenly realise you’re not coping as well as you thought!
  • Blogging requires motivation, and that is something I have seriously been lacking with my blog. And it’s such a shame because I love everything about blogging, but over the past few weeks, I’ve really struggled to get the energy and motivation to do it. I’m hoping that’s going to change soon though!

Now let me tell you why blogging is so important to me, and why I truly believe that it helps with my illness!

  • Blogging helps me to escape. It helps me forget about what’s happened that day, or the day before; it helps me forget about what’s coming up and what I’m worrying about, and it allows me to focus on something else, something fun and something I enjoy.
  • Blogging allows me to share my stories and experiences with you and I love that! I love that someone might read this blog and find something helpful about it! Because despite having this horrible illness, if my experiences can help somebody else, than I believe that this illness may have actually done me, or someone else, a favour.
  • I genuinely really love and enjoy blogging. I love being part of this online community which is full of love and support for each other. I love reading other people’s blogs, and seeing their Instagram photos, I love being able to connect with people I’ve never even met but feel like I know them through their social media and their blogs! When I’m at my loneliest, I don’t have to go very far to feel better – I can just go onto twitter!

So there’s blogging with a chronic illness. There’s lots of ups and downs, there’s a lot of things that might stand in the way, especially when you have a chronic illness. But I promise you, if you’re struggling, just leave it a couple of weeks and come back to it! Nothing is as important as your health, and that should always be your priority, no matter how frustrating it is!

Amy xxx (1)

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