Hey everyone! If you didn’t already know, I was off on holiday last week in BULGARIA! I had a much needed break away from life (work, blogging, social media, exercise, dieting etc.) and took some time to seriously relax and unwind with my family.
This was actually the first family holiday we have had in a long time, the last one being about 5 years ago! (It took me a while to work that out!) And believe me, A LOT has happened since then.
Overall, we have had a lovely, relaxing time, with the only thing not relaxing about it being the travelling! Getting there, the plane left Newcastle at about 11pm and arrived in Bulgaria at about 5am (their time). Flying back was even worse with the flight not being until 4am in Bulgaria!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take many pictures, so I don’t have that many to show you of the beautiful scenery that surrounded us… but I do have a lot of selfies and pictures of drinks! They were all delicious drinks though so I’m sure you can understand…

I was actually kind of forced to relax for the whole week because on the VERY FIRST NIGHT I slipped and fell and managed to do my knee in (I dislocated and broke it when I was 11) so for the few days immediately after that I struggled to walk very far at all and I barely had any movement in my knee. What that did mean was that everyone had to run around and do things for me while I could just sit outside like Lady Muck!
I also only had about 2 days out of the whole week when I wasn’t feeling well! This for me, is a success! The second day there I wasn’t feeling 100% but I think that was more to do with my knee being in pain that anything else! The penultimate day wasn’t great either; we had been out in the morning and it had been ridiculously hot and so in the afternoon I was suffering a bit with sunstroke AND the ME kicked in and so I was wiped out pretty much all afternoon! On the final night, I was very close to having a panic attack, but I simply took myself out of the situation and managed to calm down a bit before flying home later on that night.
We visited a couple of local towns, one in particular we became familiar with called Obzor which had endless shops with all sorts of little touristy things! All Mum and I wanted to do was to take our time and look at them all, but Dad being Dad wanted to blindfold us so we wouldn’t get distracted by pretty things! The food was also quite good… I mean it was mainly feta cheese, salad and meat but it was great for my healthy eating!
Other than that I simply sat by the pool, reading books, listening to music and taking silly selfies!
So that was my holiday in Bulgaria! A very enjoyable, relaxing week away in the sun… what more could you ask for?!
Well a better tan would have been nice…
Bring on Majorca in 2 weeks with Angus and his family now!
Are you travelling at all this summer? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments!
Amy xxx (1)

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