Motivation Tip #6

Motivation Tip #6

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous July and you’re ready for another motivation tip! This one is going to be about CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENTS!
Think about it… how can you possibly stay motivated with your goals if you don’t celebrate them when they’re completed?! Celebrating them makes you aware about how far you have come and it can definitely help you stay motivated to progress even further!
So in this post I’m going to outline a few different ways you can celebrate your achievements, whether they be fitness related, weight loss, work, blog, Uni etc. and they can be as big or as small as you want!
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  1. Share your achievements with your friends!

This is a great way to celebrate as your friends and family will always support you and will always be happy to celebrate with you! You could all go for a few drinks, or treat yourself to a bottle of prosecco to share on a girls night in!

  1. Treat yourself to something nice!

While you’re working towards your goal, save up and when you reach that goal, splash out on something from your wish list! I personally love to buy new gym clothes when I reach a new fitness/weight loss goal as I immediately want to wear the new clothes, therefore motivating myself to exercise even more!

  1. Reflect

This is something everyone should do when celebrating an achievement! Reflecting on what you did to reach your goals really helps to put things in perspective. It can also help you learn from the mistakes you made during that time so you can avoid them in the future!

  1. Plan your next steps!

This is always a great idea if you’ve reached one of your goals! Think about your next goal and how you’re going to reach it! This reignites your motivation, while also keeping that great sense of achievement from the last one!

I hope these help to motivate you to pursue your goals and I hope you can look forward to celebrating each and every achievement from now on!
Please feel free to comment below with any of your own ideas for celebrating and be sure to let me know how you get on if you try any of mine!
What do you like to do to celebrate your achievements?
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