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So my last post wasn’t the happiest one, so I decided to cheer things up by telling you all my Summer plans! Even though I finished Uni over a month ago (was it really that long ago?!) I haven’t done this post yet, so here it is!
Most summers go by and I really don’t have any plans… the days and weeks just pass by and before I know it’s September again and it’s back to school/Uni! However, THIS YEAR is very different! I have a few things happening for me, and I am so excited for all of them!
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Kicking off July is my friend’s wedding, for which I am a bridesmaid! I am so excited and so honoured to have been asked to be a bridesmaid, especially as I haven’t even known her that long! We got really close as friends after Christmas at Uni and before I knew it I was made a bridesmaid! This is along with another girl too, and the three of us all get on so so well, I love the pair of them to bits! This wedding is going to be such a great day and I really can’t wait for that!
We have just had her hen night last weekend and despite it being an absolutely brilliant night, I swear it took me 3 days to recover from it…


Hen Party!


Mid July, we are going on a family holiday to Bulgaria! My brother is bringing two of his friends so there will be enough younger ones to go out on a night or I can choose to relax with my parents or even just on my own! I am most looking forward to just chilling by the pool everyday though!

Pre-Birthday Drinks

At the beginning of August, some of my female family members are going to celebrate my 21st birthday early with cocktails and a meal in Newcastle! I am so excited for this, it’s a great chance to get dressed up and spend some time with my famalam!


That’s right.. I’m jetting off on another holiday! This time with my boyfriend’s family, and this time for two weeks! My birthday lands in the second week of this holiday (hence the pre-birthday drinks!) so I’ll get to spend the whole day sunbathing with Angus, by the pool and just chilling out! Can’t wait!!

Birthday Night Out!

I will be back in England for all of two days before my actual birthday night out! Praying that my illness doesn’t give way to this and actually lets me enjoy this! I’m so excited to see friends who I haven’t seen in months on that weekend and all go out in Newcastle all dressed up and ready to get mortal!!

Back to Uni

At the beginning of September is my all-important move from my current flat to my new house that I’m moving into with friends! After that it is just a case of waiting until 12th September when Fresher’s Week starts and I will be back in York properly!

Everything Else!

Within all of these plans I somehow have to fit in work, blogging and exercise… *frowns*… wish me luck!
I’m aiming to go to an exercise class 2-3 times a week, as well as get at least one blog post out a week as well as working at my local café 2-3 times a week; although this hasn’t been going too well for me recently as I have made all of 2 classes in the past 3 weeks due to being busy and my ME rearing its ugly head and so exercise has had to go on the backburner for a little bit so I could manage everything else!
However, onwards and upwards and fingers crossed I will be back to normal soon and will get through the summer, being able to do all the things I want to do without being ill too much!

SO they are my summer plans; a summer actually filled with plans, unlike the past few years!
What have you got planned for the summer?

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