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This is a bit of a new type of post for me as I haven’t done a beauty post before! I’ve even had to add a subcategory under Lifestyle just for Beauty so it isn’t completely random! However, I do feel like this is relevant to the illness category as it wasn’t until I got ME/CFS that my skin started suffering. I mean, I always had sensitive, dry skin, but it was never as bad as it can get now! (I blame the ME/CFS but I’m not saying it is definitely that!) I can get it to the extent where I feel like my whole forehead would just peel off if I wanted it to, which I don’t… But if I don’t look after it properly it can easily turn into a flaky, patchy, peeling, dry mess. And it’s not pretty.
So today’s post is going to go through my skincare routine and the products I use to help. Now, this is obviously more for dry skin as one thing I do love about my skin is that I’m not particularly spotty or oily… Yey! However, a good skincare routine is fairly standard so feel free to read on regardless of your skin condition!
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When I get up I tend to slap on some moisturiser straight away. I HATE waking up with skin that feels dry and dull so moisturising before I do anything else ensures hydrated skin for the rest of the day! The moisturiser I’m currently using is BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin. I love this moisturiser. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and nourished, (I mean, it says it in the name!). The texture is really thick and creamy and feels AMAZING on your face. I would definitely recommend this!
BareMinerals, Purely Nourishing Cream
If I’m wearing makeup that day I follow the moisturiser with a primer (BareMinerals Prime Time Original) which gets my face ready for any foundation I put on. Sometimes if I just want a very light coverage and I don’t want to wear a lot of foundation, I will put a couple of drops of my BareMinerals foundation (Bareskin in Bare Porcelain) into the primer and will use it almost like a tinted primer. However, if I’m going to put foundation on as well I skip this step.
The current foundation I am using is Clinique’s Even Better foundation which I absolutely adore! I literally just need a couple of drops and it gives medium to full coverage! It is so easy to apply and doesn’t accentuate any dry skin, which is amazing!
If I’m not wearing proper makeup that day, I’ll sometimes just put on some tinted moisturiser and concealer (yes, on top of the other moisturiser). This is because the one I use really feels more like a very thin foundation, but it gives great, light coverage and it just evens out my skin tone without having to plaster my face with proper makeup. The tinted moisturiser I use is Avon Clearskin, Blemish Clearing Tinted Moisturiser and the concealer is BareMinerals Stroke of Light Concealer.


I always (try to) remember to remove my makeup in the evening! When I don’t, I always wake up in the morning with my skin looking horrific and any dryness has just gotten worse so if possible, I remove any makeup before I go to bed! I have tried so many different makeup removers over the past few years and this is the only one I have bought again and again. It goes without saying, I love it! I use Avon Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover. It feels so soft on the skin and it removes all your makeup, not just eye makeup, but what I love is that it doesn’t irritate my eyes! Plus, it’s only a couple of pounds so that’s clearly a bonus!
Following this, I moisturise my skin again so it can go through the night being hydrated.

So that’s my skincare routine! Lots of moisturiser and foundation which doesn’t accentuate any dry skin! Oh and makeup remover at the end of the day!
Have you got any tips for keeping dry skin under control? If so, I’d love to hear them so please comment below with your thoughts. And if you liked this post or you found it helpful, please give it a like and share it if you want!


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      Aww thank you! I might try do the odd one now and again ☺️

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