10 Things I’ve Learnt at Uni This Year!

In my post the other day I went over my highlights of the year, the many nights out I’ve managed (8 to be precise) and actually finishing the year!
In this post though, I’m going to tell you 10 things which I’ve learnt over this past year! For anyone that is at Uni or has been to Uni, these will probably ring true to you and to anyone who is thinking of going anytime soon, hopefully this will help!uni, first year, student, studying, lessons

  1. No matter how much work you’ve done, you will never think it is enough!

    I am so good at doubting myself and worrying about things! When I’ve finished an assignment I convince myself it isn’t actually finished and I keep going over and over it until I go crazy and submit it! And with exams, no matter how much work I do, I never think I am ready for the exam!

  2. Stress is definitely the main factor for my relapses!

    I had already worked this out last year when I was able to do exercise without a huge relapse but this year has definitely showed me I was right. As soon as I start getting stressed, my body just decides to shut down and then anything I do results in me being ill. So I have to try and not get stressed – and that almost always fails!

  3. You realise who your real friends are!

    Everyone says this one but it really is true! I must have started this year meeting people I thought I would be really good friends with, and I literally saw them in that first week and that was it. And those friends who come back and stick around – they’re the ones you want to keep with you!

  4. Having to make your own decisions is hard!

    Even little things like deciding what to have for tea is difficult! And I’m so used to my Mum telling me I should be having a rest day, I sometimes forget at Uni and then end up doing too much and being ill for a few days as a result!

  5. Organisation is key!

    Fortunately, organisation comes fairly easily for me but sometimes when I’m not feeling well and I have work to do, my room will just escalate into a bombsite and then I feel worse because of it! Keeping my room and myself organised is absolutely key if I want to get things done!

  6. Finding hobbies you enjoy is really important!

    Finding hobbies you enjoy takes your mind off everything else so it is really important. I’m lucky in that I have a few hobbies to keep me occupied – singing, blogging (obviously!) and exercise!

  7. Going out every night in Fresher’s is NOT important!

    I went out once at the end of the week and that was it! I have still finished the year with a couple of really close friends who I barely knew in Fresher’s Week and I was able to start the year not hungover!

  8. Not being a big drinker is also ok!

    This ties in with the previous one – as I’ve said before, I’ve been out about 8 times since September and I’ve still got friends so no, being a drinker is not important!

  9. Having a small group of close friends who really care about you is much better than a massive group of people who don’t!

    This is another one that everyone tells you but you never really think it is true, until you find that group of close friends that really care about you and then you suddenly realise what you’ve been missing!

  10. Uni is NOT all about having fun.

    You might think it is but you will have low times, hard times and times where you just want to curl up in a ball and cry. That is ok. I have had so many down moments where I have questioned everything, where I have rang my Mum in floods of tears (more times than I’d like to admit!) but at the end of the day, if you just try and put those times behind you and focus on the positive, you will come out fighting! And sometimes, you just need a cry, and that is ok too.

So there’s my 10 things I have learnt at Uni this year! For anyone who is currently at Uni or who have finished, what lessons did you learn at Uni?
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  1. May 21, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    Great post! I’ve learnt many of the same lessons over the years. It’s interesting because they are all things most of us learn the hard way through stubbornness and ignorance about our fatigue!

    • May 21, 2016 / 4:34 pm

      I would definitely agree with that! You might not realise it at the time but after a few mistakes you very quickly learn!

      • May 21, 2016 / 4:54 pm

        I wrote a little bit a while back about coming to terms with CFS – you might find it interesting! http://wp.me/p7aDRv-1U
        There’s the link if you fancy a read.
        Take Care!

        • May 21, 2016 / 6:28 pm

          Ah that’s great! Yeah I’ll definitely take a look – thanks!

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