Motivation Tip #4

Hello everyone! Here’s a bit of Monday motivation for you with Motivation Tip #4! Today’s tip will be… Leave your comfort zone!
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I strongly believe that if you leave your comfort zone, motivation will find you. Think about it – if you stay where you’re comfortable and don’t try new experiences you will slowly lose motivation to do your day-to-day tasks and life will start to seem boring to you. It’s completely natural! This is why you should try and shake things up a bit.
By leaving your comfort zone you are testing your boundaries, you try new opportunities you might not have tried otherwise and you might find new hobbies and meet new people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise!
For me, I started doing exercise. You can read more about my fitness journey here but by leaving my comfort zone and attending group classes I found a new hobby that I love and it completely changed my whole mind-set and lifestyle. Now, when I go a few weeks without doing any exercise I start to really miss it!
If you’re already doing exercise but you’re losing motivation for it why don’t you try a new group class or change up your gym routine? Or you could do something completely different and drag a friend along with you to make it more fun?
When I’m getting bored with eating healthily, I try some new recipes or change up my meal plan! I recently bought ‘Live Fast, Lose Weight‘ by Charlotte Crosby to give me inspiration for new healthy recipe ideas!

With Uni, when I start to get bored with the work, I change it up a bit! I leave my comfort zone with making notes and I do things differently! I use lots of colours, try writing notes in a different way, I make little tests for myself and I end up enjoying it so much more! Also, because it’s different I feel really motivated to keep at it!
It’s simple really; if you enjoy doing something, you will naturally feel motivated to continue doing it! And you can apply this to most things in life! Blogging, exercise, Uni, healthy eating, work – you name it!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…

If you aspire to push yourself, test your limits and ultimately leave your comfort zone, I promise you, you will start to feel really motivated to continue!
SO that is Motivation Tip #4! You can view the previous tips in my Motivation category!
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  1. May 19, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    Something I’m learning each day. I’m moving to a new state this fall for college. I decided to do a program that allows you to meet people early and get to know campus. It’s not something I normally do because i hate crowds and group related things but I went ahead and signed up for it. I think living outside of your comfort zone allows you to experience new things.

    • May 19, 2016 / 9:13 pm

      That sounds great! I wish that had been offered for me before I went to Uni! I’m the same, I get quite nervous around new people and big crowds so I can appreciate how hard it must have been but well done anyway! Hope college goes well for you ☺️

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