Easter Antics!

I don’t know about all of you, but I had a very busy but very enjoyable weekend filled with children, chocolate, Easter egg hunts, swimming and even a 21st birthday party! Let me take you through some of my highlights…

Good Friday

Good Friday was spent doing last minute shopping with my Mum and Uncle Duncan (who is 90 and has a broken ankle). While Mum was doing her shopping, I was whizzing Duncan round on a wheelchair with a trolley connected getting his little bits! I must say, my arms were aching a bit after that! And clearly he enjoyed me running up and down the aisles with him…
During the afternoon I went for a swim with a couple of friends and spent the time just laughing and chatting! Following that our family arrived (Mum’s cousin and her three little girls). Mum’s cousin and I ended up talking most of the night about anything and everything before we got to bed! To be fair… she is nearer my age than Mum’s!
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On Saturday I was woken up at 6am by the youngest daughter who insisted on telling me that her sister had stolen her pillow… she swiftly climbed into bed with me and fidgeted for 20 minutes until she finally decided she didn’t want to sleep and actually wanted to play with the dogs! Sadie and Heidi were peacefully sleeping on my bed and suddenly were disturbed by a 4 year old who wanted to play! Sadie wasn’t having it and crawled underneath the quilt cover and looked at me with a face that clearly said ‘please don’t let her come near me’!
Just when I thought I was finally being left alone to sleep, both the youngest daughters decided to come in and try to talk to me! I must warn you, when I am already tired and it’s pre-7am, there is not a lot of sense that comes out of my mouth! The morning carried on with children in and out of my room until I finally gave up and just got out of bed!
After a trip into Hexham with Mum’s cousin, she took the girls off to a party and I could finally relax! I had a little nap and then started getting ready for the party I was going to that night – yey! I had my hair curled for me, the girls ‘helped’ me do my makeup and also ‘helped’ me choose my dress and shoes (I already knew what I was wearing!) and then it was time to go!

Easter Sunday

Apparently on Sunday I had a ‘bad head’… I didn’t, I was just very very tired after a late night on the Saturday! But I pushed through, as you do when you have family over and my friend and I did an Easter egg hunt for the girls and any kids in the cottages. That was a little bit of a disaster as Adam and I couldn’t remember where we had put some of the eggs and it started pouring down just minutes after we started! But the kids managed to find the majority of the eggs and we quickly retreated back to the warmth of the living room with the roaring fire! At last, I thought, I can relax!
No. Mum decided she and I would take the girls swimming, like we had promised all weekend! In we went, woggles, armbands and hoops and tried to make their last day at ours a day to remember!

Easter Monday

I finished the weekend off with a lovely day out with my boyfriend, Angus, and his family. Over Easter Angus has had to stay in York to work so I haven’t been able to see him over the past week and won’t see him again until I return to York in April! So we decided his family and I would meet him for a day out in Newcastle, and it was a really lovely day!
We parked up on Dean Street and walked towards the Quayside trying to decide where to have lunch when Angus’ little sister pointed out an Italian she had been to before called Prima. We managed to get a little table in the corner, and honestly it was so nice! The room itself was gorgeous, with the brick walls and high ceilings and the food was to die for! It is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a nice Italian!
After the meal we had a walk down to the quayside and went along the Millennium Bridge and then back up Dean Street and Grey Street to get coffee. Now if anyone else knows these two streets, they will know they are never-ending hills and walking up them is some serious hard work! When you have ME/CFS it is even harder! By the top of Dean Street I was absolutely exhausted! Thankfully I have a boyfriend who tries his best to understand and empathise with me and he noticed almost immediately that I was starting to lag! He and his Mum both asked how I was doing and recognised that I was struggling some managed to find somewhere to have a sit down and a hot chocolate (YUM!) and gave me a chance to recover! I was ok after that as we just had to walk back down the car and then we were off home… Although we did have to say goodbye to Angus which I never like doing! But I will be back in York in 2 weeks and we can see each other as much as possible!

It’s safe to say by the time I got home I was shattered and had a much-needed rest after the craziness of the weekend! I hope you enjoyed reading this and please comment below with your own Easter Antics!


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