Motivation Tip #2

Hey guys! Hope you’ve had a good month! This is the second of my Motivation Tip series so I hope you enjoy it!
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Recently I’ve had a couple of difficult weeks with my ME/CFS and so I’ve really struggled to keep myself motivated to do things. I seem to pick it up and then lose it before I’ve even started something. But it’s okay now because I’m finally at home for Easter and I get 3 weeks off! But before I go and enjoy myself, here is something I’ve found to be useful over the past few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago I had a mock exam in the afternoon – the previous weekend when I had planned to revise, I ended up being in bed the whole time, ill. It wasn’t a great start! On the morning of the exam I woke up to find myself feeling a little better, but not much. I was immediately convinced that I was going to fail this exam and started stressing out about it, which only made me feel worse! Even though it was only a mock exam, I was getting myself worked up over something that really wasn’t worth the stress. What can I say? I’m prone to it!
However, I ended up doing ‘ok’ in that mock – sure I could have done better, but under the circumstances, I was pretty proud of myself! After that I instantly felt motivated to do work for the real exam. I went home and because I was feeling better, I decided to get my books out and do some work!
I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you need to do work to motivate yourself to do more work. For me, this motivation came from doing quite well on an exam – for you it could be actually failing the exam that might motivate you! You need to find what motivates YOU and work that in. Now I’ve realised this, I’m going to continue to set little tests for me, because doing well will reassure me that the work I’m doing isn’t going to waste and it really helps me get on with other work! I know if I started doing badly in tests/exams, I would quickly get disheartened, lose focus and end up just doing worse.
So my tip for today is, do work to motivate yourself to do more work! It’s just a circle that doesn’t stop but it’s rather fun to be a part of!
Hope this has helped and until next time…
Is there anything that you find particularly motivating?
What is your number 1 motivation tip?
Has this method worked for you?


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