Motivation Tip #1

Hey everyone! This is my very first post for my Motivation Tips series! They’re all going to be posted on a Monday and it will most likely be monthly! Hope you enjoy!MOTIVATION TIP 1.png


Any time that I’m feeling a bit down and unmotivated, I look at this quote and it always takes me back to that place when I was ill 3 or more times a week. I couldn’t hold down a job, I couldn’t manage Uni and I hadn’t even started exercising – even the thought of that made me feel ill. Now, I’m back at Uni and yes, I still struggle, a lot, but compared to where I was at this time last year, the way I am now doesn’t even come close!

Thinking like that always motivates me and makes me want to strive for a better life and makes me want to work harder at everything – Uni, exercise, relationships, you name it!

Now, I have a little motivation wall at my desk, which is mainly to keep me focused on keeping fit, but this quote is included in it as it can apply to almost anything in life. So anytime I need a little push to keep going I can glance at that and suddenly everything feels better again!

IMG_0546 [13389].JPG

As you can see, I’ve even included two selfies of myself – this is because it took me so long to believe that I was actually losing weight, once I saw the difference in my face (5 months) I felt so happy and relieved and it really pushed me to keep going. So I’ve put it up there with the other motivating quotes to help me achieve my goals.

Even if you haven’t got an illness, everyone has down times and everyone needs little pick-me-ups. So this is one thing that I know definitely helps me, and so I definitely recommend you to try it too. It is a daily reminder, which you can’t avoid, to keep going, and to stay focused. There’s nothing like a little bit of morning motivation!

Hope you liked this post and remember to comment with your own motivation tips!