It's the Little Things In Life…

It’s the little things in life…
… that make me feel so drained and exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also the little things that make me so grateful and happy as well, for example, my boyfriend surprising me with a gorgeous bunch of roses makes me feel so much better about everything on a bad day. But some tiny tasks can easily turn a good day into a day where I wished I had just stayed in bed.
The Little Things.jpg
Take these clothes for instance. When I was resting on Friday I decided to treat myself to some new clothes.. Now shopping itself completely drains me and that is what had happened on Thursday when I went with Mum. On Friday I decided to take to the sofa with my laptop and spend some time online shopping. I finished with a mighty order from New Look. This pile here is the result. Except, as happy as I was that it had arrived and that I liked them all, deep inside my body is panicking. There is one thing I still need to do. Try them on.
For any ‘normal’ person (and I say that lightly because is anyone really ‘normal?) this is a joyous occasion, especially for girls. And to be honest, it used to be for me as well. But now, especially when I am already exhausted from a bad nights sleep, this pile of clothes just looks like a mountain to me.
I know I need to do it, because I am definitely not wasting all that money on a pile of clothes that just sit there looking pretty. I’m a student for goodness sake! And ideally, they need to be done by tomorrow, as that is when I am having a trip into town so I can take back any unwanted clothes. If I don’t do it today, I really don’t know when it’ll be done.IMG_0258
But it just looks like such a huge task. Even the thought of it tires me out!
But talking about the little things in life, as much as this morning there were a few things that were irritating me, and consequently making me feel worse in myself, as the day has gone on, my mood has improved dramatically. Something as simple as someone telling me that my blog really helped and inspired them has taken me from a miserable mess to being so grateful and motivated to keep going. It’s amazing how a few positive words can change your whole outlook that day. It certainly changed for me!

The little things in life? They aren’t so little…


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