Long Time No Write!

So I know it has been literally months since I last wrote on this blog – my aim to write weekly kind of failed didn’t it?! Well life just got in the way a little bit. My love of writing turned into despising it and dreading it. The reason for this? I was doing Creative Writing as part of my course at Uni. Strange isn’t it? What I thought I would love doing at Uni for one of my modules I actually hated. I found, for me, it just completely took the joy out of writing and all of my writing came to a complete standstill. It’s safe to say that once I realised this I made a quick decision to drop the Creative Writing side of the course and continue the year with Single Honours English Language.
Long Time No Write! (1)
Other than that, life has taken an interesting turn of events for me. When I think back to when I came to University in September 2014, and only lasted 6 weeks (I say lasted rather than managed because I wouldn’t call what I was doing managing!) I just can’t believe how much my illness and overall health has improved since then. Even from this time last year there has been some massive changes. If anyone had told me last year I would be back at University, actually enjoying it and even getting good grades I actually would have laughed in their face! But that is exactly what has happened! I think everyone needs to make difficult decisions at some point in their life, for whatever reason, and sometimes it will feel like the wrong one – mine definitely did – but if you just stick through your decision everything will come right in the end. I definitely believe that everything happens for a reason, even if it was a decision you made yourself. Something made you do it, so you just need to believe it will be the right one.
Anyway, my New Year’s Resolution (which so far I have failed) I am going to write more, whether that is in my blog, the odd short story or just brainstorming ideas for a possible book. The other thing is to lose weight – and I am so serious about this one. For the past year I have been exercising, doing healthy eating as much as I can and yes I have lost the odd inch or the odd pound here and there but nothing substantial. It probably doesn’t help with the ME when I do too much and have to take a week out or that I have a boyfriend who is a very bad foodluence (yes, I did make that word up) and is always in the mood for a takeaway pizza! But enough excuses, I now have a goal to aim for and it is coming off whether it likes it or not!
During this year I am going to document my health and fitness journey (or try anyway!) and continue to write about my life as a student, while living with ME (as the title of the blog suggests) and other little bits I feel might help people!
Anyway that’s all for now and I will write again soon!


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