The Morning After the Night Before // My First Post

Welcome to my very first blog post!

There are certain things you do the morning after a night out isn’t there? My first thing is to look in the mirror and see how truly horrendous I look. I usually find I look worse than I thought, what with the black streaks of makeup streaming down my face, lip-stick smudged all around my mouth and patchy foundation marks; not to mention the bird’s nest that is my hair. Upon this realisation I quickly take to the makeup remover and try to make my face more presentable to the rest of the world.

The next thing I normally do is check my purse – have I still got everything I left with last night? How much damage did I do? Do I actually have any money left at all in there? Then thinking “Crap! Where did I put my emergency £40! I can’t possibly have spent that much! Oh no wait, it’s in my bus pass where I put it last night for safe-keeping – phew!” We’ve all been there.

After that panic is over, you suddenly reach for your phone and check what damage you did on there – did I text anyone? How many selfie mugshots did I take? Please let there be no drunken videos lurking on Facebook. Again with this one, I’m usually safe with just a few photos taken during pre-drinks and maybe a couple while we’re out. There’s always that one selfie though; me grinning into the camera with a cocktail, or shot or whatever drink it is with the caption something like “and another one bites the dust” or “I promise this will be my last drink!” And there’s almost always another photo there with the girls saying “love my girls” or something equally cheesy. Most of the time – you’ve never actually met these girls in your whole life, just met briefly in the toilets and instantly hit it off.

After being reassured you have caused no further damage, you start to relax… Until your friend texts you saying “YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY MORTAL LAST NIGHT!” And the panic starts all over again.

Anyway, what brings me to this post is that this morning, after an unexpected night out last night (often the best ones) I’ve realised this is only my fourth night out this year. We’re nine months in, and I’ve been out four times. Why you ask? Well that will take a long time to answer…

IT ALL BEGAN 3 years ago when my life fell apart and blah blah blah. Yeah okay, I’m not going to bore you with all my ups and downs through life.

What you don’t know about me though is that I was diagnosed with ME/CFS just over a year ago. So actually four nights out in 9 months is a huge achievement for me. And this morning has given me the idea to start a blog for me and about me. And also about ME. Yeah it might get a little bit confusing (little me is me as a person, big ME is the illness – got it?). Basically I’m going to blog about the trials and tribulations of being a University student, while having ME/CFS. I will try and make my posts fairly light-hearted, like this one but there are a lot of down times with ME and it might also be helpful for people with similar conditions to know there are other people out there who suffer just as much as they do and it just reassures them that they are not alone. You hear that? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I’ll be honest, the amount of blogs I’ve read from people in similar positions as me is ridiculous. But every single one of them was unique – each one had something different about them that helped me in different ways. One blog was about how she coped with the pain side of it, another was about different treatments she had tried. I could go on but I think you’ve understood my point! So hopefully, my blog can help somebody else in the same boat and give them that extra bit of confidence that things will get better even though right now, it seems like the end of the world.

I’ll leave you with that thought now an if you want, check out my About page to find out more about me!

Until next time,



  1. barbaracatchyourbreath
    20th June 2018 / 3:02 pm

    Thank You for this wonderful post. It is tough to live with a chronic illness on a daily basis as many have no understanding of what we go through. Your blog posts will help others to understand.

    • Amy Saunders
      20th June 2018 / 5:08 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Xxx

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